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Crossfit Red Bluff is a premier training facility in the Bayside area of Melbourne servicing the suburbs of Highett, Sandringham, Black Rock, Hampton, Brighton, Beamauris, and Mentone. We are on a mission to improve the lives of our members by helping them achieve their true athletic potential in the safest, most enjoyable way possible.



CrossFit has been called the Sport of Fitness. We sprint, lift heavy things, jump, row, climb, and throw. This training program shows us how to move safely, functionally, and carries our fitness levels over into every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s chasing little kids all day, working physically demanding jobs or just satiating a lust for longevity, CrossFit is a proven fitness regime that will exceed your fitness expectations consistently.



At Crossfit Red Bluff we hold fast to the philosophy that position is king. This is something that co-owner Adam learned in his time interning at San Francisco CrossFit with Mobility Guru Kelly Starrett. We push the importance of balance in this life and believe that with intensity has to come recovery. We don’t have a whiteboard to write down your scores or to see if you RX’d a wod or not…all we care about is that you moved safely and did the workout to the absolute best of your ability.

We provide journals for our athletes to record their progress in so they can keep track of personal goals as opposed to comparing their performance to that of other athletes.

In our gym you are family. Whether its your first day or you’ve been with us since day one we will welcome you with smiles and usually a friendly game of Nerf tag. We joke around and love to laugh but will always push you to work as hard as you possibly can. No matter what, if you give it your all and do not give up you will see amazing results.