CrossFit workouts consist of one, two, three or more functional movements performed at high intensity across either short, medium or longer timeframe.
Functional movements are movements that mimic everyday life. Running, jumping, squatting, pressing, lifting, pull ups, sit ups and getting up and down off the floor. 
These movements are combined into various workouts of the day or WODs which may be shorter with a higher intensity testing speed and power, or over a longer timeframe testing stamina and muscular endurance.
All exercise contains inherent risk. At CrossFit Red Bluff, our experienced coaches are trained in identifying and minimising these risks, and providing you with the safest workout possible. 
Whilst we strive for a high intensity workout, we believe that building the foundations of safe and effective technique and movement patterns is the key to longevity in training, and keeping our bodies younger for longer.
The three most important things in a workout are that they are safe, effective and enjoyable. We do this through attentive and experienced coaching, intelligent, adaptable and scalable programming, and building a strong community.
Our gym is like a family. Members are friendly, welcoming and help all new members feel like they are part of the community.

Whilst CrossFit Red Bluff may be a little more expensive than a regular gym, all our classes limited to no more than 20 people and are coached so every member gets all the help they need to improve their fitness and expand their skill set. Our membership is actually cheaper per week than a single one hour personal training session

CrossFit workouts can stimulate weight loss by building muscle through strength training and increasing metabolism, no one can out-train a poor diet. CrossFit Red Bluff coaches can provide you guidance with nutrition to help you on the right path to weight loss, if that is your goal.

A common misconception is that you have to get fit before starting CrossFit training. Because our programming is infinitely scalable, it is suitable for all levels of fitness.
The easiest way to look at it is. Yes, you could try to get “fit” before you start, but If you start CrossFit immediately, we will get you fitter, faster.

CrossFit Red Bluff has members as young as 15, to as old as 60+ and often are working out together in the same class. Because our workouts can be scaled to any fitness level, it is appropriate for any age.

We all bring the same high intensity to our coaching that we do to our own training.

We’ve found that the best way to develop a love for fitness is in a team environment. Working together not only for the encouragement, but for the competition.