Tuesday 30/12/14

5 Rep Max Push Press, Then

3 Rep Max Push Jerk

5 x 10-15 Toes To Bar Between Sets


“Tara’s Holiday”

As Far As Possible, Using A Running Clock:
1st Minute: 10 Burpees
2nd Minute: 10 Burpees
3rd Minute: 11 Burpees
4th Minute: 11 Burpees
5th Minute: 12 Burpees
6th Minute: 12 Burpees
7th Minute: 13 Burpees
8th Minute: 13 Burpees
9th Minute: 14 Burpees
10th Minute: 14 Burpees
etc etc etc

**Keep going until the required burpees are not completed in any given minute.