Michael Scott
After 20 years of playing various sports and forever changing fitness regimes, I feel that CrossFit is everything I was ever looking for in personal fitness and so much more.

I’ve been at CrossFit Red Bluff for around 15 months and from the first moment I stepped foot in their Box I haven’t been to another gym since. Not a mirror in sight and all sorts of bars, rings & balls filling the perimeter of the warehouse. All of this exciting equipment thrown together with ever changing programming, amazingly supportive fellow athletes and most importantly first class coaching. The coaches are always over the moon to see you and are forever critiquing your form and technique. Not to mention more than happy to cater to any fatigue, soreness or injuries you may have.

The best thing about CrossFit is that your workout mindset shifts from a physical focus to a performance based mindset which will always be challenging and incredibly beneficial.

People often say to me that CrossFit is not for them but if you come and give it a go you may just find out that it’s perfect for you!

See you at CrossFit Red Bluff!

Michael Scott