Kaitlyn V
Wow what can I say!? THANK YOU Adam, Pete and Tess for helping me gain my confidence back and become strong!

Without CFRB I don’t know what I’d do- they’re my coaches, friends and family and it’s somewhere I look forward going to everyday.

I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without these guys- they gave me the confidence to join the Army and helped me become fit and strong enough to get great numbers on the army fitness tests. From a shoulder reconstruction, to a dodgy back and knees- they helped me with the rehab and mobility to get back into training ASAP.

CFRB overall is a fantastic box that welcomes anyone with open arms- no matter your fitness level or background, they scale their programming to suit you. A big THANK YOU to my CF family, I miss you guys and hang out for each leave break to see you all!

Kaitlyn V