The moment I walked through the doors at CFRB I was hooked. It provided me with the opportunity to try something new and completely different to everything I had done before. CrossFit challenges me to push myself everyday in the gym and has been such a huge reward that I am constantly amazed at what my body is now able to do both physically and mentally.

I am confident that I am being coached correctly and safely in a way that maximises results and having come from both a medical and a very active sporting background, this is extremely important to me. Additionally, as a competitive hockey player, CrossFit has only served to further improve my aerobic fitness, endurance, strength and overall hockey game and has helped me to continually develop my performance as a state repreresentative hockey player.

The impact that CRFB has is more than just the physical results. I love to train each and every day with the other athletes in the gym who have become some of my closest friends and the atmosphere fostered by CFRB’s coaches, Adam and Pete is a true testament to what the gym is all about.

There is no other place that I want to train. CFRB is way more than a gym and I consider myself so lucky to be a part of such an awesome community of people.