New to crossfit?

Welcome! You’ve taken the first step already by looking into it. Our beginner class on Saturdays at 11am is set up specifially for those who have never tried crossfit before. Please shoot us an email at Adam@crossfitredbluff.com.au to set up a time to come in and try it out with one of our coaches. 

*If Saturday’s class does not work for your schedule, we are happy to work with you and find a convenient time to get started. 
What to expect
In our intro sessions, one of our coaches will walk you through some basic movements and assess the way you move. We will also use this time to start addressing any sort of limitations you may have and introduce you to our programming and some crossfit intensity. 



Don’t worry! We believe that CrossFit is for everyone and that fitness does not discriminate. Whatever age, shape, gender or fitness level you are CrossFit will benefit you. It is proven to be infinitely scalable and although an athletic background of some type would be beneficial, it is absolutely not required. If you have past injuries or are working on rehabilitating from a surgery, we can strongly recommend crossfit and mobility practices and provide a safe environment for you to work on these. 

*We should mention that progress can vary on a case by case basis. If we don’t believe an individual is quite ready to join in on normal sessions after the intro session, we may suggest a few more private sessions to get you up to speed. Your safety is our number one priority.